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Established 2004

Synthetic lawn sales and installations

Having a hassle-free lawn that remains green all year long, and needs no watering, mowing, or harmful pesticides. 

  Toupee Lawns and Putting Greens sell only the highest quality synthetic grasses on the market today. All our synthetic lawns are installed by authorized and trained Independent professionals, with a Master installer onsite at all times.

 Here in the west with the ongoing drought, it has been a challenge to maintain a healthy green lawn, and with a dwindling water supply, the synthetic lawn system, when professionally installed has the look of a well maintained manicured lawn.

 According to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, more than 21 million households spent approximately $16.6 billion on professional lawn and landscape service last year.  The American homeowner will spend at least 40 hours per year tending their lawns, your synthetic lawn system can pay for itself in just a short number of years.

 We have competitive rates and one of the best warranties in the industry, So, be one of the first on your block to own a synthetic lawn system, one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.

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Toupee Lawns and Putting Greens was established in 2004 as an alternative to real grass and the on going drought that plagues the western United States.  Water conservation is becoming the number one issue here in the west, but you shouldn't sacrifice a great looking lawn, when you can have a synthetic lawn system that will save on water and free up your quality time.  We offer high quality artificial grasses that are low maintenance, matte resistant, and will look great for years.

We have 8 and 10 year fade warranties, and with the expected life of product of about 20 years, it is an investment that will start to pay you back after just a few years, from labor cost and water expenses and most important, free up you quality time.